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I opened my door, completely tired, and annoyed by the fact that someone was ringing my doorbell at 1AM in the morning. Ian was there, leaning against the doorway, with his arms crossed, and his signature smirk dancing across his face. 
"Hey, babe." He mused.
"I'm not your babe, Ian. Now, what do you want?" I sighed and rubbed my eyes.
His jaw dropped and there was amusement in his dark grey orbs.
"Wow, " said Ian. My eyebrows furrowed, and I looked down.
I was wearing my red underwear and my black tank top. I used my cardigan to cover my body. I looked up, and he was standing directly in front of me, his eyes met mine, and he pushed me against the hard wall. I gasped and looked at him, completely unaware of what was going on at that exact moment.
"Riles, can I ask you a favor?" His jaw clenched, and I bit my lower lip.
"Riles?" I was ripped from my thoughts, and I answered back, "Hm?
"I need a favor." He repeated.
"What is it?"
"I need you to be my fill-in girlfriend."


THIS BOOK IS REALLY BAD! I wrote this like two years ago... I'm warning you not to read it please! ?

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isleyele111 isleyele111 Dec 29, 2017
“I’m lesbian”
                              “I thought u were ‘mercian.”
                              WHY DID THE “IM JUST AMERICAN” REMIND ME OF THIS VINE 
                              RIP VINE
youngfangirlxxkamcon youngfangirlxxkamcon May 03, 2016
😏what can I say Sam is kinda cute
                              ~my names Kristen and there's this HOT kid named Sam @ my school BUT I DID NOT SLEEP WITH HIM😂😂
sobersuicidalist sobersuicidalist Apr 18, 2016
Wait what the hell is happening im so confused who's jax when did this happen
qveen_of_boo qveen_of_boo Jul 10, 2016
You see i would take you up on that offer but i have to go my pet lion is waiting for me in Narnia so ummmm gotta bounce toodles 🏃
- - Jun 02, 2016
My name is Mya(probably sounds the same as Mia) and I hate when people say my middle name!!!!
angel4luv angel4luv Jul 31, 2016
Why is the first thing she sees in his room with his name on it a check????? Like no "oh theirs his backpack with his special stamp on it" or "here a picture of Ian and his friends. Must be Ian's room." But no. She sees a check first. Now I ain't saying she a gold digger....