Bella And Jacob or Edward

Bella And Jacob or Edward

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Gwendolyn By GwenCoolness13 Completed

What if Bella chose Jacob over Edward? What would happen? Would Edward get her back? Read to find out. I hope  you like this story please comment so I can continue writing! Enjoy!!!

BTW there is a little cursing but not that bad.
Also please no mean comments, if you don't like the story please leave. Thank you

Used to be a Bella/Jacob but now it's both. 

Can we get this story to 10K???

5K: 9/20/16

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Yeah but as you see shes much more happier, alive with you. You help her feel like its you and her against the world. You guve her choices and Eddie just give her orders whie with you she feels btter and whole
millerp4939 millerp4939 Nov 13, 2016
I'm not team anyone I like them both. It all depends on the storyline who I like better at that time . 😊👍
Tkyo_sohma_16 Tkyo_sohma_16 Apr 22, 2016
Don't turn anything in this book around and you should be good,lol