Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) Undertale FanFiction

Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) Undertale FanFiction

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It was just a normal Saturday. (Y/N) was playing Undertale for the millionth time. She was obsessed. (Y/N) had played all of the routes. True Pacifist, No Mercy/Genocide, Neutral. She experimented with killing certain characters doing different things. 

Then, as (Y/N) started a new game, she felt a falling sensation, as if she just fell out of her chair. She blacked out soon after. When she woke up, she was lying on a bed of golden flowers. 

She knew this place. (Y/N) was in the game. She had taken the place of Frisk and was in the Underground. 

•Disclaimer I do not own Undertale. It belongs to Toby Fox. I do not own you. You own yourself. I do not own the cover or any of the pictures that will show up in this book•

*If you're reading this as a guy please just change the pronouns to he/him/his. I find if a lot easier to just put female pronouns. Thanks! :3 *

Saniope Saniope Sep 02
Well, if we are going by main trait my soul would be light pink, meaning empathy, love, purity, and a hint of determination.
                              If its just fav colors then aqua blue or green with a royal purple glow meaning patience and perseverance
Jesus-Sama Jesus-Sama Jul 17
Am I the only one who would see Sans offer me his hand and be like "nahhhh, I'm good thanks"
Awwwww *Dies*
                              Fell: Well, that happened *Takes the human soul and becomes a unbeatable creature of pure power*
Saniope Saniope Sep 02
Me: awwww a little froggit!
                              My actual mom: ew put that thing down! It could be carrying some sort of illness 
                              Me: *hugs froggit* NO! He needs me! He needs me to care for him like a mother *starts to cry*
                              My mom: fine but its an outside pet
                              Me: yaaaay *gets bored of it after a week*
But what happens if I dddiiiieeee??? Did I take over the resets? I'm guessing I did.
If I ever lucid dream, I'm bringing in all of Undertale 😂