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Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) Undertale FanFiction

Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) Undertale FanFiction

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Tea Beast By Melody4164 Completed

It was just a normal Saturday. (Y/N) was playing Undertale for the millionth time. She was obsessed. (Y/N) had played all of the routes. True Pacifist, No Mercy/Genocide, Neutral. She experimented with killing certain characters doing different things. 

Then, as (Y/N) started a new game, she felt a falling sensation, as if she just fell out of her chair. She blacked out soon after. When she woke up, she was lying on a bed of golden flowers. 

She knew this place. (Y/N) was in the game. She had taken the place of Frisk and was in the Underground. 

•Disclaimer I do not own Undertale. It belongs to Toby Fox. I do not own you. You own yourself. I do not own the cover or any of the pictures that will show up in this book•

*If you're reading this as a guy please just change the pronouns to he/him/his. I find if a lot easier to just put female pronouns. Thanks! :3 *

Me: Hey, Azzy! I don't really feel like going through the tutorial fight right now, so could we skip to when Mom totally owns you with a fireball?
                              Flowey: WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU KNOW THAT I'M TRYING TO KILL YOU?!
                              Me: Oh, hi, Mom!
                              Flowey: *gets hit by fireball*
Ah, so cute! 
                              Toriel: Child, please put the froggit down
                              Me: I WANT TO KEEP HIM AS A PET
Damn right I am. Also, I've NEVER done Genocide. I CAN'T KILL ANYONE!
*grabs fistful of candles* OK, author, I need you to walk me through the spell. Don't worry, I'm not an amateur witch if that would be a problem.
                              TIME FOR US TO ASK AND FOR A PLAN
                              PLEASE DONT DO ANY GENOCIDE
                              ELSE YOU'LL FEEL THE WRATH OF SANS' EYE.
                              ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HERE TO PLAY AND GO
                              UNDERTALE IS ALL I'VE EVER KNOWN
I'd probably just walk past him and say, "See you later, Azzy."