Kylo Ren X Female Reader

Kylo Ren X Female Reader

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Olivia By uniquevariant Updated Sep 21, 2016

(y/n) knew she was force sensitive from a very young age. 

Her father had been a prominent Sith Lord, and her mother had been a Jedi who fell in love with the enemy. 

Will the death of her mother alter her life forever? And, more importantly, will Kylo Ren?

jynerso jynerso May 01, 2016
My father would never do that he doesnt even really have the heart to whoop me when i was young
unbeachtete unbeachtete Jul 21, 2016
pfft sensitive to violence. i have 5 sibilings duh isn't this violent enogh? 😂
Infinite-Galaxy-Girl Infinite-Galaxy-Girl Apr 22, 2016
I don't have an older brother and my little brothers name is the same as Kylo' s
EristinePHAN EristinePHAN Mar 04, 2016
I just converted my sisters names into more masculine versions 😆
just-another-geek just-another-geek Feb 11, 2016
* face palm * I read a whole story thinking that the girls name was Y/N
Whats_Your_Legacy Whats_Your_Legacy Sep 07, 2016
I'm an only child.
                              I'll just use my dog as my younger bro but I don't got an older one