A Kellic Toy Story (boyxboy)

A Kellic Toy Story (boyxboy)

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MamaKim By Lame_Queen Completed

Kellin has a favorite toy; His Cowboy, Vic. 

He's had him for years, but he's never noticed that Vic, along with all the other toys seemed to have a life of their own. 

The toys and Vic seem to be lacking in being the little sneaks that they are, and Kellin starts to get suspicious of his cowboy.

This story WILL get very Coraline-ish xD

Well Vic we all can't have what we want so suck it up and put on some big boy pants you lard
My mum walked in on me talking to myself as if I was Sherlock at a murder scene bc I'm helping my best friend with something and she just said 'I won't tell anyone if you don't killl me'
I actually do this with some toys... But only in the summer! When I'm all alone, bored, depressed... I talk to my toys bc why not
SEE YOU IN COURT SWEATY 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻😒😒😒🤗🤗😗😜😘
I'm so happy after a heat wrenching kellic that I found this one