Miraculous Life (Adrien/Chatnoir X Reader)

Miraculous Life (Adrien/Chatnoir X Reader)

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Harley Quinn By FallenAngelNight Updated Oct 14

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  Your a young girl with a secret,you are a miraculous like ladybug and Chatnoir,your miraculous is a heart locket with a white Fox creature inside.The little Fox name is furry. Furry is your loyal buddy since you met him.Anyway,you moved to Paris,your mother had business,and she was friends with a lady who works in a cake shop of Paris,she has a daughter name marinette ,when you both met you didn't talk much ,but now your both bestfriends.But you both promise to each other to never keep secrets to each other,and it was hard to  keep the most important secret,your miraculous. On your first day of school you and marinette walk down the hall ,your gaze was down ,without watching your step you bump into a blonde haired boy,emarbled green eyes,had bump into each other..

A/N: Hey guys I hope my first miraculous book!

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Can't wait until Marinette gets jealous of Adrien and I .......
                              well better get yandere~mode ready....
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