She, Whom He Loves

She, Whom He Loves

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Ninya Tippett By ninyatippett Updated May 25, 2013

"What will you do if the most dangerous man in the world is in love with you?"


Emmaline Church is no regular girl. 

Abandoned as an infant on the doorsteps of the town’s church and taken in by the Avantis, she was raised by the oldest and most powerful vampires still at war with another Blood Family. 

Growing up in the fringes of the shadows that surrounded her strange family, she falls in love with a man whose vicious and vengeful heart knows only one speck of goodness—her.

As an ancient feud escalates, and blood and tears run freely, Emmaline finds herself caught in the crossfire.

Will she save Nikolas Avanti in time, or will she be his ultimate downfall?


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