Fatal Attraction (Splendid x Flippy) [Human AU]

Fatal Attraction (Splendid x Flippy) [Human AU]

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It seemed like another normal routine for the superhero. Save the town from whoever was causing mayhem. 

Never did he expect to find himself face to face with his match. After a fight that ended with a draw, Splendid meets Flippy, an emotionally torn veteran who struggles with PTSD. 

Because of his condition, Flippy 'flips out' to any sounds or visuals that remind him of his times at war, bringing out his alter ego, Fliqpy, who murders everyone and anything that crosses his path. 

Flippy begs for Splendid's help, but how will the superhero help this bipolar veteran without causing anymore trouble for himself and Flippy? 

What happens when their friendship grows into something more? Will Flippy be able to sustain Fliqpy in order to protect Splendid? Or will his mind crack and allow Fliqpy to wreck havoc towards Splendid?

I own nothing but the story itself ;p

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AngelinaAkiko AngelinaAkiko Aug 20, 2017
The funny thing is everyone who ships flaky and flippy
                              Flippy just killed flaky XD
- - Jan 08, 2017
pfft i thought im gonna see a splendid with his boxers full of hearts at the media
cottencandysweet cottencandysweet Apr 09, 2016
Wow it's gooood 😆🐱