The Ephemeral

The Ephemeral

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Kavs Raman By ephemereaux Updated Oct 09

The nation of Consurge is the effect of amends and agreements.

The sectors are effects of the government's stance on preventing war.

And the ceremonies dictate your future forever.

Every two years, teenagers in Consurge undergo a set of ceremonies that dictate their standing in society. They can either become Specialized, if seen fit, or remain starks and live a simple and uneventful life. For Elizaveta Courir, both options seem dangerous.

As she's thrust into a world where everything is chosen for her, Veta discovers that the history of Consurge is founded on a bed of lies, deceit, and blackmail. And as she tries to make her way out of the bed of thorns, she is entangled further, leading to an intricate set of events that not only define her future, but the future of her world.

Book #1 of the Ephemeral trilogy.

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All Rights Reserved.

Currently going through a round of revisions and rewriting - see you soon, Wattpad!

Cover by the extremely talented @enchantedshades

Prey4Evil Prey4Evil Jun 08
Come check out the first part of my story: mental! You won't regret it.
Demoans Demoans Jun 08
This is basically divergent but twisted a little ? I'm confused
LlynWildr LlynWildr May 04
So glad you posted your book! I love the idea! And the writing is amazing too :)
Bolbur Bolbur Nov 03
I thought I was the only person creating a story in mind mine over years lol, it's good to know I'm not the only one