The Regalia

The Regalia

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kavs raman By ephemereaux Updated Jan 15, 2017

The kingdom of Surmonter was ruled by a king and queen by the names of Niklaus and Alexandria. When both rulers die, the nation realizes that there is only one heir left to claim the throne: their daughter Katerina Aerssens.

While Katerina spends four years training under advisors and the royal court before claiming her crown, a war is brewing between Surmonter and the land of Iadlemn. Before she can command more powerful armies and save her people, Katerina finds herself standing amidst the ruins of everything she once knew.

She flees her rubble-ridden world and escapes to Rooshaven. Able to disguise herself in a new country, she lives as an artist and merchant until she hears rumors about a new court assembling in palace. But when queen's son, Caspian, catches her pretending to be part of a court she was never invited to, she is forced to trust him with her origins. When she is promised a return to her crown, Katerina allows herself to trust Caspian and hopes she will find her way home--until he suddenly disappears.

With the queen's other son, Atlas, trailing her cautiously, Katerina must find a way to solve two new mysteries: why her kingdom was attacked, and who killed the boy she put her faith in.

Book #1 of the Regalia trilogy.

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Currently going through a round of revisions and rewriting - see you soon, Wattpad!

Cover by the extremely talented @enchantedshades

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Prey4Evil Prey4Evil Jun 08, 2016
Come check out the first part of my story: mental! You won't regret it.
Demoans Demoans Jun 08, 2016
This is basically divergent but twisted a little ? I'm confused
LlynWildr LlynWildr May 04, 2016
So glad you posted your book! I love the idea! And the writing is amazing too :)
Bolbur Bolbur Nov 03, 2016
I thought I was the only person creating a story in mind mine over years lol, it's good to know I'm not the only one