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James walked up to Nadine's bedroom door and leaned on the door jamb. He stayed there for a second, watching her turned around, packing for her trip.
"Toothbrush, pantulog, outside clothes..." She muttered to herself. 

"Hey" James said, softly.

"Jusko po!" she jolted and placed a hand on her heart as she realized who it was. "James!" She was trying to catch her breath. "You scared me... Anong ginawa mo dito? How did you even get in my apartment" 

"Um, I was gonna knock, but the door was cracked open, so I just walked in... Sorry... I just wanted to say 'goodbye' to you before you leave for your flight" 

"Oh... Ok..."

There was a pause. Finally James broke the silence, "Nadine, are you really gonna go?"

Nadine chuckled sarcastically, "well, yeah... Bakit- bakit hindi? Meron bang reason na... I shouldn't go?"

"Well, a month is a long time. I mean what if something happens to you? What if you meet someone who..."

"Who what, James?" She asked, a bit irritated. 

He stopped and thou...

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