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Bucky Barnes Imagines

Bucky Barnes Imagines

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marvelous-imagining By marvelous-imagining Updated 2 days ago


Here is a collection of Bucky Barnes imagines written by me. 

I do not own any of the characters nor places that Marvel have created and will never claim so. These imagines are work of fiction. Some may be based on situations that have occurred in the movies or maybe in the comics. 

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-overdosing -overdosing Aug 02, 2016
u shouldnt even kiss other random guys cheeks when ur dating someone else imo
Deal-With-It-M8 Deal-With-It-M8 Oct 19, 2016
This shït ain't happening turn yo âss around and walk the fück out cuz I have a boyfriend
-overdosing -overdosing Aug 02, 2016
shes lowkey making me angry bc he lowkey has the right to say smth about her cheating tbh
mrs_ami_weasley mrs_ami_weasley Dec 10, 2016
                              Oh my god 
                              Best day ever
                              I've been hug in twice in the last thirty seconds by two of the hottest men in they world.
AnimeAnt AnimeAnt Jan 14
Winter soldier more like winter asshol.e 
                              I'm hilarious
AnimeAnt AnimeAnt Jan 14
TBH u did kiss another person so I don't blame SMEXY Bucky of accusing u of cheating