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Crescendo Skies [Book #1 of the Crescendo Skies Saga]

Crescendo Skies [Book #1 of the Crescendo Skies Saga]

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S.R. Furney By Mystique_ballerina Updated 2 days ago

[Formerly Of Mist & Madness]
  *A Beauty and the Beast retelling*
  A canvas, that's how I see it
  The world 
  Crimson paint plasters its edges with lush greenery being set aflame by men of fire.
  And at its center stands a girl with a violin in hand. No weapon at her disposal and no one to rescue her.
   Screams of the desperate engulfed her as gun fire from the heavens pounds against the canvases surface.
  Ears ringing
  Heart pounding 
  She knew 
  This was no canvas, this was war
  Talented violinist, Valerie Rivington, has been ripped from her poverty stricken village in a war corrupted southern North America. From her brother's protective arms, she is taken by an army so merciless that even the courageous shield their eye's from on looking pistols. For in this world, hero's are phantoms and villains are honored. 
  There is no hope in this vacant land.
  There are only monsters who twist hearts in hand. 
  This talented musician is not just taken. No it's never that simple, especially in a world that breathes murky lies. Now forced to be a musician for a mysterious ruler called the Whicker, Valerie is faced with nightmares of all creations and choices for heathens. The Whicker is desperate, and desperation can rid a man of any hint of sanity. That is if he even is a man. He's on a hunt for a simple song that could fill the cracks in his broken soul, including the fragments of darkness storming through his powerful kingdom. Valerie may have what he's looking for, though it will come with the ultimate price. She must decide, shall it end in love or war? 
  Copyright ©2016 by S.R.Furney
  Cover created by @Shadowedrain 
  Banners created by @MulanJiang & @elphadora 
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pokemon123789 pokemon123789 Nov 01, 2016
                              BITE HIS FACE OFF.
                              AND HELLO KLEECY, OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL THAT
rvjoswick1 rvjoswick1 Aug 21, 2016
Dylan Thomas rocks anyway!! Just like him, millions of other creative geniuses are gone WAY before their time!!!
Raven_Queen31 Raven_Queen31 Dec 12, 2016
This prologue was amazingly written. I have to say I'm jealous Lol 
                              Kidding!  Your writing is special, if anybody's against that 
                              I won't waste time dealing with them, I pity they don't have good eyes 
                              Sad :(
akaluv99 akaluv99 Oct 22, 2016
@Mystique_ballerina Thank you^^ You're so kind =) Also, thank you for adding my story to your reading list^^
soniasee soniasee Jul 16, 2016
I adore how you made it your own!!! It's definitely creative
akaluv99 akaluv99 Oct 22, 2016
I'm excited to start reading this story! When I'm reading a story, I like to provide feedback to the writer. So if you don't want feedback, please let me know :)