Made In The A.M. (BWWM/ INTERRACIAL) (Book1) (Completed)

Made In The A.M. (BWWM/ INTERRACIAL) (Book1) (Completed)

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NeNe K. By KoolLePlaisir Completed

'Won't you stay till the a.m.?
All my favourite conversations
Always made in the a.m.
'Cause we don't know what we're saying,
We're just swimming 'round in our glasses,
And talking out of our asses like we're all gonna make it'

Anastasia Williams is one of the highest paid lawyers in all of the United States. Her best friend is the definition of 'Adonis' and 'Tall, Dark, & Handsome'. Stephen James Hendry, a former footballer turned model is her best friend. Stephen has been in love with Anastasia since they were children and hasn't been able to move on from his obsession with her. Yes, obsession. He is obsessed with everything that makes her who she is, but he can't help it. He has tried to move on as they got older but no woman could compare to her in his heart. He wants out of the friend zone and one things for sure, Stephen James always gets what he wants.

《A/N. This story is similar to 'I Won't Mind', but this story is completely different. Book #1 in the MM Series.》

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ashleigh4551 ashleigh4551 6 days ago
I got my first kiss at 16....these 10 year olds got more game then me
mamisluh mamisluh Dec 25, 2017
Playing with my emotions like this is dangerous sis🙄😑😒😭😭
HookdOnCaptainSwan HookdOnCaptainSwan Dec 04, 2017
Bruh its 8:15 in the morning on a Monday...I was NOT ready for this type of emotional rollercoaster this damn early in the morning on a Monday. I might have to come back on Tuesday just to be better prepared
mamisluh mamisluh Dec 25, 2017
This me when I hit my cousins, but at the same time I don't be caring
BL4Z3reader BL4Z3reader Jan 28
I'm not crying 😢 there's something in my eye *sniffle *🤧
mamisluh mamisluh Dec 25, 2017
Riiiight. "Friend zone" my ass. She calling you daddy😲😂😂😂