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Parent's9? Friends? Love? FAMILY??

Parent's9? Friends? Love? FAMILY??

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Alex-san/kun/chan/sama ^-^ By Arrexu Updated Apr 24, 2016

Naruto (Sealed) has parents in this story and a twin sister that looked like a chibi Kushina and goes by the name Shiina Uzumaki-Namikaze. He's gonna be strong but works hard for it and always wear his so called "Mask". Naruto has always bin ignored abused raped by the Villagers and neglected by his parents and sister. That being said, his sister always gets the good stuff....... an example? Well here goes: at least 150 presents for her birthday, treated like a hero, has the nine tails sealed in her but everybody thinks she's keeping it at bay because she's a full blooded Uzumaki  while naruto is a Namikaze and always never gets the attention of her parents. What do u think? Will Naruto break or will he prove them his worth of existence.

And what happened when he was 4?
Well, you just have to read the story ;p

castiel606 castiel606 Mar 26
For fun I'm gonna imagine the ten tails as a wolf, cause the ten tails is fugly in the anime 😇😀
Brandonia666 Brandonia666 May 11, 2016
Tensaigan just makes me think of the Tenseiga sword from InuYasha.
Arrexu Arrexu Jun 01, 2016
Nope. It's this ootsutsuki from naruto the last. 
                              Sorry I was reading fanfictions with Sakuras mom as a pinky soooo.
                              Again sorry
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Dec 24, 2016
                              DID YOU STOP TO LOOK THAT YOUR BEATING UP A KID?
                              DID YOU STOP TO LOOK THAT YOUR DUMB?!
Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Nov 27, 2016
Wait wait wait😑... I thought The Haruno clan was a civilian clan?
NoImNotHuman NoImNotHuman Jun 26, 2016
Ah, i remember when i watched death parade. Decims eyes make him hot af.