Bending Blood

Bending Blood

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TheAwolAngel By TheAwolAngel Updated Aug 09

So much has changed in Percy's life in the past month since he arrived in the strange little town, Mystic Falls.

He's discovered that there are people like him out there, the cursed ones, also known as vampires.

He also discovered that he lost his connection to water but in exchange gained control over something different, blood.

Let's not forget how he somehow managed to fall in love again and with probably the worst person or should he say people.

Follow Percy through his adventure in controlling his new found bloodlust, falling back in love, making new friends and enemies and learning to handle his new dangerous power in Bending Blood.

                              If you catch the attention of Sam and dean your scréwed
Adele_Black Adele_Black May 02
Percy and Annabeth were meant to have 2.5 kids? Two and a half kids?
                              If hey only had boy children and they grew up.
                              2 and a half men
How do you have 2.5 kids do you cut them in half do you remove a leg 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Well it's probably only the unknown for Percy. I think Elijah would know where he's going.