A Kiss in Costume [girlxgirl]

A Kiss in Costume [girlxgirl]

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London Setterby By elsetterby Completed


This Halloween, Maggie Juarez just wants to nerd out on the finer points of period costume design in her hand-made Regency ballgown and try to ignore her painful, awkward crush on beautiful ice-queen Samantha Winters. But Sam is impossible to ignore, especially when she shows up to a party dressed--perfectly--as Mr. Darcy. She can't be trying to attract Maggie's attention...can she?


This short story is a companion story to About That (Almost) Kiss and takes place on the same college campus. :-) If you get a chance, I'd love to know what you think!

miarocks55 miarocks55 Sep 11
same, i'm not that great with people's emotions, or just people in general to be honest
- - Dec 22, 2016
Sam's last name made me take a double take cause i kept reading it 'Sam Winchester' which confused me a lot since i didnt even watch the show
therlysad therlysad Dec 30, 2016
this gives me hope that if i dress as Darcy i'll find my Lizzie
0420emilie 0420emilie Jun 22, 2016
OH my gods I found this book from a  "Because you voted on Bromance Blues" thingy. Whoa full circle
Concho10 Concho10 Jan 23, 2016
All of your books are so good! Have you ever published a book before? I think a lot of people would love them as much as me!;) <3
nina_teretsus nina_teretsus Jan 23, 2016
I'm dying. First the dedi, and now this amazing adorable-ness. Sam is too cute; she's like a child. I'll always be pinning on them to have some naughty fun. 
                              Thank you so much for the dedication; your compliments mean THE WORLD to me :3