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The Jedi's final hope (book 1) (a Luke Skywalker fan fiction)

The Jedi's final hope (book 1) (a Luke Skywalker fan fiction)

26.9K Reads 781 Votes 12 Part Story
Galactic writer By queen_jedi Completed

After the death of her parents, two Jedi Knights who forsake the rule that forbid marriage, Hope Embers is brought up by Jedi master, Obi-wan Kenobi, when he finds her abandoned after her parents' deaths. He raises her and trains her in the ways of the Jedi while also watching over young Luke Skywalker as he had promised to his surviving fellow Jedi Knights. Hope is raised in isolation and in hiding to prevent anyone of finding out there is another Jedi which would put her life in danger, Vader would destroy any living Jedi knight that is found. But when Hope takes a forbidden trip to Jakku to meet with former allies of her parents and Vader discovers her existence and her power with the force, Hope returns to Tatooine where against her rules of living in isolation, she meets farm boy, Luke Skywalker, the boy her master had told her the prophesies of.  Now with Vader hunting for Hope and discovering Luke's enormous power as well and the dangerous changes of fate, Luke and Hope work together to keep each other safe and scheme to put an end to the tyrant empire and it's rulers, Vader and the Emperor. But Hope finds that completing her mission will be harder than she thought when she falls in love with the farm boy on Tatooine, the soon to be legendary, Luke Skywalker.

( book 1 will go through events of "A new hope", book 2 will go through events of "The Empire strikes back",  book 3 will go through events of "Return of the Jedi", and if there is a book 4 it will be a story that comes before "The force awakens")

All rights go to George Lucas for the characters and storyline of A new hope, the empire strikes back, and return of the Jedi. 
Hope Ember is an original character but most other characters all belong to George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise. 

Hope you all enjoy!

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rainer101 rainer101 May 04, 2017
MOST EPIC BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
sarcasticwolf67 sarcasticwolf67 Apr 08, 2016
I'm already hooked to this book just by reading the description and I fell even more in love with this story after reading this chapter. So your doing an amazing job so far and I'm sure you'll do great work with rest of this book❤❤😍😍
bohemianheathen- bohemianheathen- Mar 14, 2016
Fun fact not related to this book whatsoever: I just started reading this and then I saw a spider above my bed so now I'm on the floor across the room even after I woke my brother up at 2am to kill it (which he did)
SimplyxBeautiful SimplyxBeautiful Mar 17, 2016
Okay first of except for the whole mediclorian thing,which is really rare,  the only way to make more jedi is to have jedis make babies with each others so i really dont know what the jedi order was think