You're Mine, Noona. [BTS - Jungkook]

You're Mine, Noona. [BTS - Jungkook]

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"Jungkook, you're still underage!" 

"Jeon Jungkook. It's your first kiss, right?"

Jungkook, who calls himself the golden maknae, is talented in everything except if it has to do with picking up girls. On screen he plays with every fan's heartstrings, but off screen... Born partly with Jin's awkwardness, he can't bring himself to talk comfortably with girls and instead hides his feelings with arrogance. But that's until he reconnects with Hana, his female lead dancer. 

Lee Hana is a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment. She has trained for seven years and is still hoping for her solo debut. 
Three years ago, she was selected to get a potential debut but in the end lost out to seven boys, now known as Bangtan Boys. 
While still feeling the disappointment from her past, she gets paired up with Jungkook. To her the most arrogant and obnoxious dance partner she's ever met.

But that's until she... begins to see through his mask.

Will Jungkook finally be able to flutter Hana's heart or will he give up and let her go?

A Jungkook fanfiction.

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pariswns pariswns May 30, 2017
Is she the eighth member (I'm totally joking) *whispers no I'm not*
lady_laufeysonkneel lady_laufeysonkneel Apr 06, 2017
Pause...Timeout I'm not playing these games do you know how bad this processed in my head....
Donut_Know_why Donut_Know_why Dec 10, 2017
When I was little I had really chubby cheeks to the point they flopped around when I ran.
Donut_Know_why Donut_Know_why Dec 10, 2017
I actually do this with my food TF...
                              "I'm sorry mr cupcake!" 
                              "I must eat you!"
                              "Tell my kids I love them!"
                              "Huh aren't you married?"
                              "Nah they were a bitch" 
                              "You mean Mrs. Donut who I'll eat next?"
                              "My bestfriend married my wife?!"
                              NOM NOM NOM
PurpleWurplePixie PurpleWurplePixie May 30, 2017
when it said 'dragging across it' i thought of rose's part when she says "johaaaaa"
Hahaha. What a coincidence. I always use this name when i read fanfics.