My light.My darkness (MxM)

My light.My darkness (MxM)

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ferielkltz By ferielxiu Updated Apr 12, 2016

"I, Akio Adams, accept your rejection." I saw the minuscule satisfaction in his eyes.  
rejected mates die! everyone knows that! so why did he do it?
   Akio never thought that he will be rejected by the one person he waited and loved for years but he did and he accepted that.
he accepted that he's now dying and his so called mate didn't give a damn

So how did he end up roommates with this cold hearted mate of his! that turned out not as cold and cruel as he thought he was after all, but completely CLUELESS 

(blah blah i don't know how to write an introduction blah blah T.T)
okay people! this is my first Book, I hope you give it a chance and enjoy!!  this is a BOYXBOY .. honestly if you are NOT into this  then click that baby X button ;)

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DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Mar 14
gods a name like Zeus no wonder he is an ass who doesn't cares about his mate
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads 4 days ago
Ah, it's a Zeus. That Drama queen, do I need to put him back in his place again? Oh wait, wrong Zeus, never mind, carry on.
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Jul 13
I just woke up, and I'm still half asleep so my mind isn't processing what just happened...
I wanted to cry but it's not really sad. He's just accepting his rejection
Why do you care? You don't have to be with him
                              He's a jerk and you shouldn't waste time moping because of him.
                              Though, I admit, a change of scenery might help you get over your insecurities
BookQueen6 BookQueen6 3 days ago
He would fit in my family perfectly. Me, my brother, my sister, and my dad are all named A. Adams.