Sweetest Taboo

Sweetest Taboo

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CC&Ritz By UsDaddystopher Updated Jun 13, 2016

"This isn't right Chris." Fancy sighed, running her fingers through her hair. 

"But I don't really care. I knew what I was doing messing around with you." 

"I'm your step-mom. Which means I'm married to your father. You can't love me." 

I looked up to the ceiling, racking up something I could say to make her understand.

"I don't give a fuck about your nigga baby. It's wrong but it's right in so many ways. And I don't want it to stop." I looked her in the eyes.

I was in too deep with her now. I don't know how it got this far along, but we didn't stop it. I guess it was something a little beyond control. 

You give me the Sweetest Taboo,
That's why I'm, in love with you.

YoItsBreezy_ YoItsBreezy_ Dec 06, 2016
That's funny... I stg .. Like who told y'all to be in love without me?💯💯💀💀💀
Anyiah0319Mozlyn Anyiah0319Mozlyn 4 days ago
We coo' I be bout to smack him though😭😭😭😭 still love him
HeheILoveThatShid HeheILoveThatShid Jul 26, 2016
I would've been stepping all ova ha damn toes and messing up the dance
ExpressiveTae ExpressiveTae Jun 09, 2016
Reading is fun and all, but they need to find other ways to spend their time😭
WhoTFisKee WhoTFisKee Aug 13, 2016
i need friends like ths .. most of these females around here won't even read a book unless they're forced to smh
fvckoffimsad fvckoffimsad Nov 30, 2016
His father probably planned for his mother to get the insurance money 😂