Sweetest Taboo

Sweetest Taboo

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"This isn't right Chris." Fancy sighed, running her fingers through her hair. 

"But I don't really care. I knew what I was doing messing around with you." 

"I'm your step-mom. Which means I'm married to your father. You can't love me." 

I looked up to the ceiling, racking up something I could say to make her understand.

"I don't give a fuck about your nigga baby. It's wrong but it's right in so many ways. And I don't want it to stop." I looked her in the eyes.

I was in too deep with her now. I don't know how it got this far along, but we didn't stop it. I guess it was something a little beyond control. 

You give me the Sweetest Taboo,
That's why I'm, in love with you.

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- - Mar 24, 2017
you give me the , sweetest taboooooo! that's why I'm, in love with youuuuuuu! 😭
- - Mar 24, 2017
if it's 'your love is king' , that broad stole my wedding song . 😒
- - Mar 24, 2017
'my family , that cares for me . my favorite girl , that rocks my world . the simple things , all I need . (all I need) , simple things all I need.'
YoItsBreezy_ YoItsBreezy_ Dec 06, 2016
That's funny... I stg .. Like who told y'all to be in love without me?💯💯💀💀💀
HeheILoveThatShid HeheILoveThatShid Jul 26, 2016
I would've been stepping all ova ha damn toes and messing up the dance
pettyblackgirl pettyblackgirl Nov 30, 2016
His father probably planned for his mother to get the insurance money 😂