The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel to A Minecraft Story)

The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel to A Minecraft Story)

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Todd By Radishologist Updated Aug 16

CAUTION: Read "A Minecraft Story" before reading this book. 

It is one year after the Battle of Mojang.

They thought it was over.

They thought there would be peace. 

But they forgot one thing.

Herobrine is back.

Sequel to "A Minecraft Story"!

Basic Minecraft knowledge is recommended for reading this book.

Cover made by @Bethany_Beth!

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I do not own Minecraft or any of the aspects or mobs of it. I also do not own Mojang, Notch, Jeb, Steve, Alex, Herobrine, or any of the Youtubers. All other characters, except the ones people have entered in this book, are of my own creation.

Not complaining but this took about half an hour to read lol
@Radishologist Can I join please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesomeposeidon84 awesomeposeidon84 May 27, 2016
It's good some are going to die, because I won't be able to keep track of all of those people (no offense)
AnimeMusix AnimeMusix Jun 07, 2016
And Wait So She Lives From The Nether?DoThe Nether Have Villages Too?
Juanmiguel616 Juanmiguel616 May 15, 2016
Oh God!Radish was right about reading Minecraft Story first...bye for now,just gonna finish the story
leviathan2323 leviathan2323 Mar 23, 2016
Could you pls add my character Leviathan. He has green hair, a scar over his right eye. His eyes are deep blue. He wears a black hoodie that covers his mouth. The weapon he uses is an emerald scythe. He is 25.