Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

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Junming Guan By Junmingg Updated Sep 10

Percy Jackson is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy at Goode High. But when he meets Annabeth during a math project and tutoring...

Annabeth has always been the one that knew the answers to all the questions in class. But when they are paired up for a project and she has to tutor him...

What will happen?

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or places mentioned in this FanFiction. Rick Riordan does. I own only the plot.

KianajLau KianajLau Aug 10
Daughter of Aphrodite...  no offense, sorry but it's Jason and I 😂😂😂 jk, pipes, your not dumb, I was jk
KianajLau KianajLau Jul 15, 2016
YASSS, i hate Leyna.  Where the heck in the books did they get that?!?
Leyna6453 Leyna6453 Feb 02
Aww that's so sweet of you Annabeth and how long have you to been friends anyways 😊
Leyna6453 Leyna6453 Feb 02
Aww Annabeth do you have a crush on Percy also why do I sound like Piper right now 😕😕
Leyna6453 Leyna6453 Feb 02
Wow it's Jasper didn't see that coming oh wait yeah I did 😕