24 Hours [h.s. - AU]

24 Hours [h.s. - AU]

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"Even in my wildest imagination, I never had thought I would be captured from the street on Thursday evening to play a game. The game that certainly hadn't been in my plans nor meeting the boy with curly hair and mesmerizing green eyes but also with the blackest heart that hid so many secrets."

"She made me feel confusion, care, irritability, guilt, concern, all those feelings I didn't know how to handle. I had tried to push them away but only her presence made them come back and to be honest I was afraid what they could do to me, to my black soul."

Two gangs face each other in a game. This year only gang leaders are going to participate in the game and both of them will choose a partner. The fate or mere coincidence, that's what Carissa might never know when she is forced to be one of the gang leaders', Harry's, partner. They both must work as a team and try to solve hints that will lead them to different parts of the city. Carissa will soon realize that she was thrown in the middle of something much more complicated and dangerous than just a game consisting of difficult hints written on crumpled papers. Danger lurks behind every corner and she finds herself in situations where she is closer to death than she had ever been. 

While racing against time, Carissa tries to understand Harry, rude and callous boy who seems to hide many dark secrets in his heart. Also he tries to figure out Carissa who he first thinks to be quiet and frightened but as the time passes by, he notices that there's something in her he hadn't seen in any other person.

However, neither of them knows that 24 hours they will spend together can change both of their lives for ever.

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vinylnrose vinylnrose Feb 18
For some reason this book gives me some vibes towards the movie “nerve” in a way
I don't know why, but I love this sentence a lot. I might be strange haha, sorry!
enxietystyles enxietystyles Nov 10, 2017
Can't relate. We only have rain or intense heat in my country
Snehpurba Snehpurba Nov 15, 2017
Finally!!! A book purely on story and not smut. I've read some without smut and they were amazing. I am sure this will keep up the standards.
Poky_Dot Poky_Dot Dec 01, 2017
Just like here in West Virginia, where you can go through all 4 seasons in one day
stylessol stylessol Jan 27
When you see Harry Styles you're gonna be frustrated because of how fooking good he looks