Little Bitch z.h

Little Bitch z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Updated Aug 24, 2016

[ziall; in progress]

Zayn started off different than all the other boys. He was scared, so scared he almost didn't go to the audition.

So scared that he tried to get out of touring the world because he wasn't ready to no longer be his own person.

Zayn had to build up walls, fast. He built them too high, and soon found himself in a position where he was alone.

Zayn was nasty, he was cocky and he was rude, the others hated it. But did Zayn care? No, he had his walls up high against everyone

Except for Niall. But the bottle blond didn't know that yet

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KittenHUN KittenHUN Jun 13, 2016
Because what? What he finna do? Nothin, all talk but ain't finna square up
kendricked kendricked May 27, 2016
I say that when nobody is even doing anything to me. That's how much the human race pisses me off.
KittenHUN KittenHUN Jun 13, 2016
What kinda insult is that Liam? You better be more aggressive than that
Fujoshi_Shoujo Fujoshi_Shoujo Aug 07, 2016
Me! But I stopped watching by the time I finished season 4 but now I'm rewatching it, too many naked ladies though
kendricked kendricked May 27, 2016
That's what I also say, but I'm further than mean. Probably beyond words. What I am capable of saying to people is sometimes unbelievable 😶😶