Fallen Snow (A Naruto Fanfic)

Fallen Snow (A Naruto Fanfic)

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Malika By Malikaax3 Updated Apr 09

My name Is Shinsetsu, Meaning Fresh Snow, Sekisetsu Meaning Fallen Snow, Hatsuyuki Meaning First Snow of the Season.

Or you could call me Shin, Seki, or Hatsu.

I prefer Sekisetsu. You can even call me Fallen Snow if you want. Or Fallen for short.

My names all are relating to snow, since I am the princess of the snow kingdom. Or was.

Read on to find out my story. 

Or don't. I don't really care.

Like I'll say later, I'm indifferent towards almost everything.

*sighs* Being apathetic isn't fully possible since I'm human. 

And with being human comes emotions which just get you hurt and weigh you down, not that'd I'd know.

I've never felt them before.

I've just been..

 Aloof I suppose. 

To the world around me.

 Or at least that's what my 'mother' says.

Keep reading if you actually care about what has happened in my life.

The life of me, Fallen Snow, The Snow Princess.

By the way, the cover to the right is made by a friend who's known as Imchigon here. Follow her or you'll have me to deal with. ~Princess Sekisutsu

My name is Xian and I don't know neither what it means nor how it is pronounced😂😂
calmwolf calmwolf Apr 18
My name means song (it's Shira: a Hebrew name), I don't care if you call me song or songbird
                              But I hate it when people call me sh-I-rah
                              My name is pronounced shee-rah
                              Anyone else have name pronunciation problems?
Sarcastic comment:.Oh, look at that. Snow for everyone. I know, since she's all about that snow, why don't we just have a SNOW day, dedicated to the SNOW princess.
                              I don't even know why I'm being so snarky.
-Gene-Foxx- -Gene-Foxx- Mar 14
                              Fourth Wall
                              We will all probably forgot you broke. Or not. I don't really know.
                              Whenever this story was made - Whenever this chapter was published
Malikaax3 Malikaax3 Sep 07, 2014
@AishaNyaa Nope, not quite! It's my own story and has nothing to do with the movie except the setting is similar
AishaNyaa AishaNyaa Jul 22, 2014
hey isn't this like naruto the movie and then something snow?