The Beautiful Hummingbird - Part II

The Beautiful Hummingbird - Part II

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LoveVincitOmnia By LoveVincitOmnia Updated Jul 10, 2017

Overcoming all the odds, Harry has finally found the missing colour in his life.  

But now that their relationship is public property, how will they cope individually and together with the increasing pressure?  And will the yet uncovered secrets of Natasha's past continue to affect their relationship?  

This is the continuation of the simple love story of Harry and Natasha as they start their lives together.  Simple?  Is Love Ever?

Warning: Contains mature content.  Please do not read if  you are uncomfortable with sexual content, violence or language.


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Snehpurba Snehpurba Nov 24, 2017
Girl, being his girlfriend and given the fact that some of his fans can go to extremes, you need security
perksofmcfly perksofmcfly Apr 09, 2016
i love these two so much but i would like to see them crazy fighting like pissed off and stuff
carolwonder carolwonder May 30, 2016
Sometimes that's more than necessary,  darling... It can ruin your relationship,  because you're not setting the limits the media cannot surpass
chanmapan chanmapan Jan 12, 2016
This is so bloody wonderful. It's like watching a film the way you write. i love it!
PoisedPen PoisedPen Jan 12, 2016
I love that they are having a disagreement. Such a natural progression and shows they are comfortable airing their opinions without fear. xx
dirtyyarn dirtyyarn Jan 12, 2016
I enjoy the way you weave the real life with the fantasy in this story. I can see both sides of the argument that they are having. It's good that they are figuring out that although they may not see eye to eye, it is the care of one another that is most important.