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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

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Franchescaaaa By Franchescaaaa Completed

+Sequel of 'My Step Brother is A Player'+  Also credit for @JazzyYazzy_99 for the book cover:D     I never believed in love, never did and never will.   What's so special about it anyways? Valentines? Anniversaries? Bunch of crap!    I'm basically more like my dad when he was my age. A player, mostly known as a 'jerk' for most ladies I slept with and didn't sign the marriage papers for them the next day. Honestly, I don't know how mom made my dad fall for her and even marry her, I guess she has that charm that no other lady has. That's why no one can make me fall on their feet.  I will never settle into a relationship neither for a girl...   That's what I thought though before I met this amazing girl, she was just a one night stand at first but then I realized that  she was different from the rest...                                         Everything about her just turned my world upside down the moment I saw her designer dress on my floor. That classy bitch who slept with me and kept her word as a one-night-stand got me thinking all night. Cassandra Logan.      What if I'm suddenly falling for her and I began eating my words? No, it can't happen. But it's happening and I can't do anything about it but just free fall.

lique_fromstatefarm lique_fromstatefarm Oct 07, 2016
Middle fingers up! Put 'em hands high! Put it in his face! Tell 'em boiii bye!✌
lique_fromstatefarm lique_fromstatefarm Oct 07, 2016
Tristan! Audrey! 😭😭😭it seems like just yesterday he propsed to her in New York. (Probably because I read that yesterday)😂
wolffy812 wolffy812 Jan 21, 2016
Tristan's still hotter :3 Wow, that came out really wrong xD
socially_awkward95 socially_awkward95 Apr 26, 2015
Why is Clinton a light brunette but his parents our naturally brunettes?
It's your biggest faaan @franchescaaaa I did the cover :) but I changed my name for security reasons. lol I get my cast members from your lists because they are so good!!
imabiebersodealwith imabiebersodealwith Dec 15, 2013
                              the name isnt it suppose to be cassandra logan? Or is he going to meet another girl named cassandra!