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A Fifth Daughter [Book 1: The Dragon Rider] 1.0 (a.k.a. OLD DRAFT)

A Fifth Daughter [Book 1: The Dragon Rider] 1.0 (a.k.a. OLD DRAFT)

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TheDragonWriter By JJHays Completed

#3 in Fantasy


When darkness arises and the world of Fantasy is in danger of being destroyed, the Dragon Riders are the first to show up. Fire and fang, sword and shaft, meet the enemy head on and the wars don't end until the enemy is disbanded. It's not a pretty business, but it must be done to secure the lives of every creature within Fantasy.
There are two Rider schools-over thousands of Riders and dragons-and Smoke Green is one of them, no matter how much she dislikes the idea and the heights. Her fate has been chosen, even if she doesn't want it.

With a vacant father, a mother who has too many secrets, four older sisters, an older brother, and a three minute older, annoying twin brother, Smoke isn't expected to be much more than a hometown girl of Folklore; who will get a boring desk job and never leave home. But then the Sage of the Burrows proclaims her a Dragon Rider and a Fifth Daughter and Smoke's life changes stories-literally.

Moving from Folklore to Legend, Smoke is taught that fears can be conquered and villains do have a hunger for power. She also learns, she might just have the power this villain is after. 

She makes friends: Something she didn't know she could do, she finds her dragon: Someone she didn't know she missed, and she learns her past: Something she didn't know was so complicated.

But when rebellions begin to break out across the globe; the world of Fantasy is once again put in danger and the Dragon Riders might not be able to save their home this time around.

Especially, when the enemy is from one of their own royal families; once thought incinerated, and his accomplice might just be Smoke's long thought dead father.

In this first book of the 'Fifth Daughter' series, J.J. wants you to forget everything you know of mythology and open your mind to a new kind of fantasy.

Book One: The Dragon Rider
Started: 01.01.16
Completed: 08.26.16

FerzkM FerzkM Mar 16
I haven't even started the actual book and I already love you ❤😂😂
FerzkM FerzkM Mar 16
Jajajaja xD . . . I love so much how u put this 😂😂❤❤
Kawai26 Kawai26 Nov 29, 2016
I thought this was a prologue but it's not. Damn that was brilliant 👏👏👏
boekenfreak02 boekenfreak02 Nov 05, 2016
Can you tranlate it in to Dutch (Nederlands) ? My Engels is not verry good
epicmaggy epicmaggy Nov 03, 2016
First time I've read this book and barely read it so far but I know we just met but in my mythical world I have a Senpai who is just like you 😱
I respect you a lot just by you saying this, and I haven't even read the book yet but I'm positive it's gonna be amazing😊😊