Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME!

Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME!

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Uta-chan By kirigiri987 Updated Jun 02, 2016

Originally just a one-shot of a Byakuya punishment time but now I will take requests.

Thats right. . .if you want to kill off your favourite characters this is the place to do it.

WARNING: Intended feels!

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I like all the characters but hate byakuya so...he killed himself?
InkyIndigo InkyIndigo Apr 06
I'm spreading this hope like spreading the butter on a piece of bread. No matter what you say, I will never stop.
Melomatsu Melomatsu Apr 25
Somehow I can't read Naegi's chapter....is anyone havinh the same problem as me?
🎤 Take me, high and I'll sing. Oh you make everything ok, ok, ok. kay', ok, ok.
                              We are one in the same oh you take all if my pain away, away, away. Way', away, away.
                              Save me if I become my demons! 🎼
                              IDK LIKE MAIZONO SAYAKA
                              I actually have no idea why I dislike her
Shut up monokuma, you can shove that stupid despair of yours up your ass