Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME!

Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME!

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Uta-chan By kirigiri987 Updated Jun 02, 2016

Originally just a one-shot of a Byakuya punishment time but now I will take requests.

Thats right. . .if you want to kill off your favourite characters this is the place to do it.

WARNING: Intended feels!

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Indisgra Indisgra Jan 07
Togami you have redeemed yourself for being a total prick my lord
Melody2027 Melody2027 Feb 23
*Sees Monokuma is right in front of me* "Rot. In. HELL!" *Shoots him with a hacking gun then proceeds to shoot him with a shotgun until only his eye remained* That's for breaking the reader's heart!
UnsweetAmy UnsweetAmy Nov 15, 2017
I can relate i mean i'm pretty sure she's panicking in the inside but she's just that good at controlling her emotions.
LunarLizzie LunarLizzie Feb 26
I started my New Year’s Day by being productive and drawing maki
sorryileftguys sorryileftguys Aug 03, 2017
I just imagine everyone else like 
                              "It's time Naegi-" 
                              "SHHHH SHUT UP! OTP IS HAPPENING!" 
                              There's no in between wether to stop or to let the ship sail with the rest of them
MissEnoshima_wannabe MissEnoshima_wannabe Aug 08, 2017
We'll carry on
                              We'll carry on
                              And though you're dead and gone believe me
                              Your memory will carry on
                              We'll carry on