At the end of a hard day Ruby just wants to get home, but working her fingers to the bone to make ends meet is the least of her worries. As she takes her seat on the last bus of the night, so too does The Passenger, watching, waiting, preying... Will Ruby make it home at all?
I absolutely LOVE your writing style! Keep up the good work! <3 :)
Wow that's scary! 0.0 And, I don't really catch on really fast so...can someone explain to me why the thing had carved "Not Yet" into the seat? Did it have anything to do with Angela?? Thanks!
I'm addicted to your stories. Really, it's becoming an affliction! V
OMG I could see the story happening in my mind as I read and it unfolded. Great read!!!
Really good and interesting!!! You are a really good writer!
This was definitely creepy. Even reading it during the day. This is why I don't like public transport. I'd rather walk, even though that's just as open to something scary happening. I guess nowhere is save except your own car. Haha. Great job. (: