Sirens~ Merman AU⎢Ereri/Riren

Sirens~ Merman AU⎢Ereri/Riren

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Levi has been on the sea for more than 5 years now.

He's a captain of the ship Survey Corpse, and for the past 3 months him and his crew have been sailing the seas, looking for a mythical creature known as a, Mermaid.

But there's no such thing, mermaids and merman are too pure, to innocent to exist in our world.

The only thing close to a mermaid or merman, is a Siren. A deep sea creature that's seductive, and evil, they're known to lure helpless sailors to their death, with there beauty and voices.

While sailing, a storm comes, and soon a certain pirate hear's the sweet song of a Siren named Eren.

Author's Note: This story is basically AU which Eren is a siren, and Levi is a pirate. There will be a lot of fluff moments in this story, and not a lot of smut.

And the characters, images, or videos in this story do not belong to me, I only own the plot of the story! I hope you enjoy!

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To high can't come down losing my head spinning round and round can ya feel me now
MxganXxXxX MxganXxXxX Nov 05
wait i’m confused, who r the titans in this series. MERFOLK OR HUMANS
AlexanderBurman AlexanderBurman 4 days ago
On that day, Siren-kind got a grim reminder that they lived in fear of the humans
Ah yes. Sing to him the classic merfolk song that is Toxic by Brittney Spears
newgirlaph newgirlaph Nov 04
If it was a bit more gruesome I would be like "POOR EREN" but right now I'm just laughing.
Jeanbo no you're not allowed to kill him
                              that's Annie's job