Sirens~ Attack On Titan Mermaid Eren x Levi⎢Ereri

Sirens~ Attack On Titan Mermaid Eren x Levi⎢Ereri

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Levi has been on the sea for more than 5 years now.

He's a captain of the ship Survey Corpse, and for the past 3 months him and his crew have been sailing the seas, looking for a mythical creature known as a, Mermaid.

But there's no such thing, mermaids and merman are too pure, to innocent to exist in our world.

The only thing close to a mermaid or merman, is a Siren. A deep sea creature that's seductive, and evil, they're known to lure helpless sailors to their death, with there beauty and voices.

While sailing, a storm comes, and soon a certain pirate hear's the sweet song of a Siren named Eren.
Author's Note: This story is basically AU which Eren is a siren, and Levi is a pirate. There will be a lot of fluff moments in this story, and not a lot of smut.

And the characters, images, or videos in this story do not belong to me, I only own the plot of the story! I hope you enjoy!

OtakuLlamaPotato OtakuLlamaPotato Nov 11, 2016
Is it bad that I sang along with it although there were no more lyrics...?
Buttermilkbiscut Buttermilkbiscut Oct 13, 2016
This is like, way back forever agi, she didn't even exist!!!! But still fits the scene, I guess
SilverJay11 SilverJay11 Oct 08, 2016
I swear my eyes bugged out of my head
                              And then I cackled like a maniac
i-Was-Left-Behind i-Was-Left-Behind Dec 07, 2016
Am I the only one singing along to the Melanie Martinez version??😂
HadesParade5437 HadesParade5437 Dec 31, 2016
all that i know is gone 
                              all that i know is gone 
                              fall deeper and deeper
                              the sirens are singing your song 
                              -don't fall asleep at the helm, sleeping with sirens
Hanji_Mc Hanji_Mc Oct 11, 2016
I just pictured a full sized horse narrowing its eyes and sinking down into the ocean I'm done with the internet