playboy meets ms. hard to get || kim taehyung [will update next week!]

playboy meets ms. hard to get || kim taehyung [will update next week!]

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○ chua By ilovebtobandbeast Updated Jun 03, 2016

|| kim taehyung is known as a playboy at seoul high school. he is a wealthy high school student who spends his time enjoying himself and playing with girls' hearts. despite the fact of being a playboy, many girls still liked him for his outstanding good looks. taehyung, having different girlfriends every week, isn't new for the students anymore. he is the type of guy who would date any girl whenever he liked to ,and break up with her the next day. ||

|| on the other hand, son yerin is just an average student at seoul high school.  she's also the class president. she's smart and good looking. however, she has a secret that no one knows except for herself. she likes a popular student named park jimin. not even son na eun - her bestfriend, knows her secret.  yerin isn't the type of girl who would retouch her makeup every minute nor is she the type to act kind and clumsy most of the time. she acts real, not fake , bitchy and normal. - well, okay maybe not really normal and just a bit too real. ||

❝Listen, everyone here would die just to go on a date with me. And you're rejecting me?  Think, miss. You're missing your opportunity!❞

❝Why? Just because all of them likes you, it doesn't mean I need to do that as well. Do I need to like you? no. I don't like you, and I never will.❞

|| recieving his first rejection, taehyung grew pissed at yerin's attitude. but then he found out her little secret. taehyung came up with his bright idea that leads the first step to their story.  ||


                                                               ❝ I'm gonna make you fall for me. ❞

                                          ♥ || will the playboy make ms. hard to get fall for him? || ♥

swag_77 swag_77 Oct 31, 2016
I am so proud of Yerin because she is the first girl have reject Taehyung to date with him😄👍
wxkths wxkths Nov 03, 2016
It's good, I like where the story is going but. There's a lot of spacing in between :/
LovelyFlower678 LovelyFlower678 Jul 28, 2016
It's annoying when authors put links instead of putting pictures, it just creates more work instead of actually laying back and reading the story. This is just my opinion
Suhur03 Suhur03 Nov 28, 2016
Lol. I started to sing let the dogs out for some reason.  Help me