Mistaken Affection (BoyXBoy M-preg)

Mistaken Affection (BoyXBoy M-preg)

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Kent By TheImperfectBuild Completed

Adrian, soon to be Alpha to the Minosa Pack starts a hidden romance with the enemy. A vampire prince by the name of Danse.

As Adrian's appointment to Alpha Wolf and Danse's coronation nears, the two find themselves at odds when Adrian discovers the secret growing within his body.

 The two aswell as their trusted allies go into hiding, but with their choice, a chain of events neither perceived is clearly in the making.

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • freedom
  • gaylove
  • hybrid
  • mistakenattraction
  • mpreg
  • prince
  • supernatural
  • vampirexwerewolf
  • war
  • witch
xongi101 xongi101 Jul 31, 2017
Breath xongi, don't overreact,  it's just a story.......
                              SWEET MOON GODDESS!!!! MATESSSSS!!!! THEIR MATESSSSSSSS; HE SMELLS HIS MATE!!!!! *parents look at me weirdly*
simplystoned simplystoned May 10, 2017
I mean your best friend is literally like 5 feet away but you do you boo.
KimichiHana KimichiHana Apr 01, 2017
Woah that escalated quickly but what about Saks isn't he still there
SexyKenu SexyKenu Oct 28, 2016
Wow, out the gate.  Uh, don't the recognize their differences?
darkbeautie darkbeautie Aug 04, 2016
Well this is wonderful and all - congrats by the way - but Saks is still watching .. #freeporn