Forgive Me If I Stutter

Forgive Me If I Stutter

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He's curled into a small ball that's painful to even look at. As Christian shines a light in, I see the blood on Lucian's head and his shirt. He squints up at me. I see tears running down his face and his chest is heaving. His eyes are wild, afraid. 

"Lucian, it's me. It's me. It's okay." I pull him up, and he wraps his arms around me. He sobs into my shoulder. 

"It's okay, I've found you." I say. I hold him with both of my arms. He's shaking. My hands flit over every part of him I can reach to make sure he's alright for the moment. I know we need to get him cleaned up. 

"What if you don't find me next time?" He asks, when the hiccups stop, "What if I'm lost forever?"

CyanPrado CyanPrado Jul 04
Every time I read that I think of Klaus from the vampire diaries
NooseString NooseString Apr 03
*sings* heey sir your a pervert you know, teachers shouldn't do this and be stupid you know.
easykid easykid Dec 05, 2016
I don't know how to pronounce her name so I'm just going to call her ADELE.