One directions mate

One directions mate

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jenny_styles16 By jenny_styles16 Updated Jul 06, 2015

  Ring...Ring...Ring...Ring, I wake up opening my eyes to realize it's not even morning yet, "Uhhh stupid phone shut up"I groan. After just laying there hoping for some miracle to happen and shut the damn phone off, I get off my comfortable bed and toss my blue blankly out of my way. I stretch and rub my eyes before walking to my dresser that's near the door and move my books and make-up my tired eyes trying to search for my phone.

 Once I find it I slide the lock it 4:30 what the fuck "this better be good" I say. "who are you and why the hell did you call so late" I scream in the phone. "It's your mom and don't talk to me like that, I just wanted to call and inform you that your father and I will be on vacation, we also already paid your rent for the month so you don't have to worry about that" my mother says before hanging up. 

This couldn't of waited till morning really mom, really, I walk back to my bed and turn to look at the window it's placed on the ceiling allowing me to see ...

R0yalRav3nFr0st R0yalRav3nFr0st Aug 05, 2017
You know the saying never mess with a honey badger...
                              That's exactly what she did
averagephoneuser averagephoneuser Apr 09, 2016
Just glad this isn't a fic with a 13yr old dating an 18+ yr old
shara_blah_ shara_blah_ Dec 29, 2015
Off topic but why is Zayn's name always lowercase while everyone else's isn't
1Deverland 1Deverland Jul 12, 2015
Harold what did I tell you about jumping on lily pads and flowers
Haylee_DirectionerxX Haylee_DirectionerxX Jan 13, 2015
Ssh cara vostra cassaforte con noi means 
                              "Shh dear, your safe with us"
Haylee_DirectionerxX Haylee_DirectionerxX Jan 13, 2015
And as I read the next line, I see we get the answer. Whoops.