Jelsa Lemons / smut ( One-shots )

Jelsa Lemons / smut ( One-shots )

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PurpleLoverJelsa By PurpleLoverJelsa Updated Dec 05, 2016

As the title says this is my collection of jelsa lemons and smut.

Post your requests here and say if you want smut or lemon.

The other characters will be.

Anna Arendelle as Elsa's sister.
Hiccup Haddock as Jack's best friend. 
Merida Dunbrock as Hiccups girlfriend. 
Kristoff Groffman as Anna's suitor.
Rapunzle Corona as Elsa and Anna's cousin.
Eugene Fitzherbert as Rapunzle's boyfriend.

And other characters, most of the time it will be with only jelsa but you can request. 

Mericcup, Euegunzle, Kristanna.

Iam sorry to all who used to read my books The Demons Slave, Is my alpha jealous!?, and other stuff. 

Yeah I was CharniqueM. 
But enjoy jelsa smut

    SkylarBlack160 SkylarBlack160 Jan 29, 2016
    I don't care what u do but please just make a chapter of this book soon and bye soon I mean real soon
    xsop00 xsop00 Feb 27
    One where Elsa and jack meet in a club in new York! I need that.
                                  Or one where elsas a stripper? And jack goes to her club... anything with a club really
    Ruizu_lov Ruizu_lov Jan 19
    Can you make a story about a gangbang with jelsa and the rest of the big eight pls
    _IHeartU_ _IHeartU_ Jan 06, 2016
    Can u do a secret office affiar, where this time Elsa's Pres. while Jack is the CEO?
    justhangin10 justhangin10 Jan 03, 2016
    U can do one where elsa doesn't like jack but jack is desperate and decides you-know-what is the only way to win her over
    TazJakir TazJakir Jan 01, 2016
    Could there be one when its Jack and Elsa's 2 year anniversary of being married. Since their both horny etc Jack takes Elsa to a club and then you know what happens.