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Irisroselillie By Irisroselillie Completed

Dante's P.O.V

I was with the guys and Aphmau heading back home from the Fall fest, Garroth and Laurence were wispering and looking at me while they did it, I didn't have a good feeling about this...
"Alright, see you guys tomorrow!", Aphmau said while yawning in the process, probably because she used too much energy when we were at the fest. We went inside and I started cooking, it was a normal Chicken soup, nothing special...
Then I hear moaning from Laurence's room, "What's up now?", I think to myself looking at his door."He's probably mad at Garroth for almost kissing Aphmau at the fest", I said quietly. I just continued cooking as if I didn't hear him.

Laurence's P.O.V

"Do you get the plan now?", I asked Garroth for like the 50th time. "Uh...Y-Yes!", he answered. "I'm not to sure about that,... look, this is just a prank on Dante, nothing special, all you got to do is--"
"Dinner is ready!", Dante shouted. "W-We're coming!", Garroth said with a high-pitched voice from being nerv...

AshtonFarts AshtonFarts Oct 04, 2016
Okay so Dante's logic is "oh he's mad at Garroth for kissing Aphmau that's why he's moaning"
OurEmotionalPainting OurEmotionalPainting Jul 15, 2016
Yep, he's getting in ON
                              With himself...because he lonely af XD
ILoveMehSomeYaoi104 ILoveMehSomeYaoi104 Feb 25, 2016