Reverse Falls : The Boy who Arrogant but Genius

Reverse Falls : The Boy who Arrogant but Genius

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This is the first time I write a story. So, it may seem so elusive.
  Owkay, back to the story!
  'Reverse Falls: The Arrogant Genius' tells the story of a 15-year-old boy named Dipper Pines who suffer from having through different timelines which is AUs. It tells how Dipper arrived at the Reverse Falls and how he can be arrogant like that. He also gained knowledge and experiences from every timeline he had through.

 Will he actually can defeated the person who is behind all of this? Just read it

I own nothing except for the story I wrote.

Credits goes to Alex Hirsch and other awesome drawers which I used their art.

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tM0922 tM0922 Jul 30, 2016
I like it but grammar errors. I'm ten and I can do better. Nice story too.😊😊😊