Jackknifed || Dramione ||

Jackknifed || Dramione ||

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Rachel Cox By never_ending_writing Completed

Hermione investigates a noise to find Draco lounging in an empty classroom. A chance meeting that goes beyond petty hate evolves them into something neither would have expected. Does a pureblood's veins really run cleaner?  This story is set in the time of the HBP, although the events do not take place in my adaptation. 

This is in no way connected to any other of my books, apart from it's sequel, 'The Other Side of Fate' which is already posted and complete. 

Cover by Alexandra Fields.

Um, your stomach can't digest blood easily, so you might not want to do that
Hermione would never say 'idiot first years', really. Also, snogging first years!?
I love the vocabulary in this story. I have a feeling I'm going to love this book.
ahahah this reminds me of when ginny caught percy kissing penelope clearwater in an empty classroom
pale skin, and good looks? now he's tasting blood? definitely a vampire
ElizaPapa ElizaPapa Feb 22
I believe that you need sleep Hermione, first years snogging??? What kind of school do you attend??? 😂😂😂