DanganRonpa Oneshots

DanganRonpa Oneshots

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♡Basic Teen Fluffy♡ By -FluffyPotato- Updated Sep 30, 2016

Let's do this!! Contains canon shippings, X-Readers, or whatever! I hope you all enjoy! :) 

~Requests are CLOSED. I'm sorry, but I'll open them up as soon as I've finished writing all the requests I already have! 

//Cover is made by @thecyanrose12. THANK YOU! <3

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mei_rin_ mei_rin_ Feb 26, 2016
Byakuya Togami X Reader, please. The reader is bestfriends with Naegi :3 he knows that the reader likes Byakuya.
Silent_Rui Silent_Rui Aug 10, 2016
Nagito x Hajime please! Its fine if you cant get to it or someone already did this recommendation.
clydxx clydxx Jan 23, 2016
Chihiro and Sayaka fighting over Leon.I want Chihiro to win!
FloraDstar FloraDstar Jan 16, 2016
Please do Souda X reader X gundam and mondo X reader if you want
OtterRonpas OtterRonpas Jan 01, 2016
I know the fandom's probably gonna k!ll me for this, but...
                              Teruteru X Reader?
uobasu uobasu Jan 01, 2016
Happy New Year!
                              Oh and can you please do a Nagito x Reader?