The Disappearance of England | Hetalia Fanfic |

The Disappearance of England | Hetalia Fanfic |

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Starlite By ShootingStarlite Updated Jan 06

During a World Meeting, countries noticed that the personification of England didn't attend. Most of them brushed it off thinking that he was just sick or didn't feel like coming and would be back at the second meeting. But they were wrong. After they checked England's home, they discovered he was missing with only a note inside his house. Now they have to find out where England has gone...and why.

  "England...he's run away..."

 Last story update - January 6th, 2017

 Updates around every 1-2 weeks

"he is runaway"
                              And also,you have to put a space in between 'run' and 'away'
                              because if you don't,it's means something different :o