Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D :  Naruto Fan Fic

Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D : Naruto Fan Fic

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MelodyDiva By MelodyDiva Updated Sep 01, 2012

Alice is a weak and very sick girl who spends her  life in the hospital watching naruto,sleeping, eating, and watching some more naruto (You can say Alice is a fan of the anime  XD). But  one day on Alice's 9th birhthday she wishes to live a life where she isn't sick all the time... to be free and possibly live in the Naruto world. Uknown to her, Alice gets her wish granted by a wolf  who later on claims to be her gaudian. o.0

NOTE: I do not own any of the naruto characters or places in the naruto world!! all Naruto rights go to the makers of Naruto

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AnimeQing AnimeQing Oct 23, 2017
I actually read 'Destiny' for the line...I'm reading way too many reader insert books..
Im_A_Boss_Ass_Bitch Im_A_Boss_Ass_Bitch Apr 22, 2016
My name for her is Kiyomi whether you reveal her real name or not
brianabrowning123 brianabrowning123 Jul 31, 2015
My awesome books sences are tingling! *looks around and spots this book* There it is!
AmbiguousMan AmbiguousMan Jan 09, 2013
Just amizaing I can read it fine although my eye sight is as good as a hauk
itachisgirl itachisgirl Mar 14, 2012
i really love this story and i wish u would update soon.i do understand if u cant though because your buisy
MelodyDiva MelodyDiva Mar 10, 2012
@MonkeyChronicles1010 @WolfsHowl thnx for the feedback cuz honestly i know my grammar sucks and all, so it's good to have pplz who aren't afraid to give me positive  criticism. ^0^