Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D :  Naruto Fan Fic

Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D : Naruto Fan Fic

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MelodyDiva By MelodyDiva Updated Sep 01, 2012

Alice is a weak and very sick girl who spends her  life in the hospital watching naruto,sleeping, eating, and watching some more naruto (You can say Alice is a fan of the anime  XD). But  one day on Alice's 9th birhthday she wishes to live a life where she isn't sick all the time... to be free and possibly live in the Naruto world. Uknown to her, Alice gets her wish granted by a wolf  who later on claims to be her gaudian. o.0

NOTE: I do not own any of the naruto characters or places in the naruto world!! all Naruto rights go to the makers of Naruto

My name for her is Kiyomi whether you reveal her real name or not
brianabrowning123 brianabrowning123 Jul 31, 2015
My awesome books sences are tingling! *looks around and spots this book* There it is!
doctor1987 doctor1987 Jan 09, 2013
Just amizaing I can read it fine although my eye sight is as good as a hauk
itachisgirl itachisgirl Mar 14, 2012
i really love this story and i wish u would update soon.i do understand if u cant though because your buisy
MelodyDiva MelodyDiva Mar 10, 2012
@MonkeyChronicles1010 @WolfsHowl thnx for the feedback cuz honestly i know my grammar sucks and all, so it's good to have pplz who aren't afraid to give me positive  criticism. ^0^
Tiamber Tiamber Mar 10, 2012
@MonkeyChronicles1010 I agree that the whole idea is great :)