His Obsession His Possession

His Obsession His Possession

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Lexi By Awkward_Turtle_Army Updated Dec 10, 2015

❝But that is where you are wrong, Lilly.❞ For the first time since I've met this man, I find myself resenting his muscles as they abet him in pinning me against the wall. The delicate trail of kisses he places upon my neck contradicts the tenacious grip he has on my wrists. The tender kisses end when his enticing lips reach my ear and his hot breath scorches my ear lobe. ❝You're mine.❞

Lillian Greene, the intelligent and sassy senior at Notre Dame High School, is eager to get through her last year at the Catholic college preparatory school. When she lays her eyes upon her Adonis of an anatomy teacher, Mr. Stevens, she takes a liking to him - along with the rest of the female population - despite the fact that he infuriates her beyond belief.

But when Mr. Stevens lays his eyes upon Lillian, it's practically love at first sight.

The two find themselves increasingly and irrevocably attracted towards each other, and it's only when Mr. Stevens becomes a little obsessive and a little possessive - much to Lillian's dismay - does turmoil arise.

But whether Lillian likes it or not, she's his obsession, and his possession.

- - Jun 19, 2016
This book just got better by referencing Greys Anatomy 👌👌
Mscutiethe1st Mscutiethe1st Dec 13, 2016
This is me everyday of my life 
                              Mom: why is your hair so wet?! Go blow dry it now!!! 
                              Me: I can't, blow drying it will make it turn all frizzy and look like an afro! 
                              The constant cycle of drying wet hair 🙄💀
jessgb7 jessgb7 Aug 16, 2016
Just take the box with you and eat it on the way😂😂 I tend to do that alot.
emotionscars emotionscars Aug 27, 2016
I like how its all serious until you see the author's name there
- - Nov 04, 2016
I'm a B student, getting As only when the test is really easy
Lexi4753 Lexi4753 Dec 16, 2016
Ugh I feel you... although tbh I don't mind the uniform as much as most bc it saves me so much time in the morning