My own Guardian Angel (Lightiplier x reader)

My own Guardian Angel (Lightiplier x reader)

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Kara By KaraTheGamer Updated May 31, 2016

Well here's something new! Light gets his own story for once! 

You're walking home late at night and you run into trouble. Suddenly a bright figure appears to rescue you. He's kind and...somewhat attractive

The cover and Some of the art work in here was drawn by the very talented @/thehauntedartist

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snorkbork snorkbork Apr 24, 2017
Uh wut i thought light wouldn't have an dark side ......... . 1 month later . RUN WHERE ALL GOING TO DIE BY AN ANGEL
Ashe0623 Ashe0623 Jun 30, 2016
he sounds like Tamaki  senpai from Oruan Academy Host Club or just a regular anime. :3
AshleyPie03 AshleyPie03 Mar 18, 2016
Totaly not fan girling over here! (You hear high pitched squeals over in the corner XD)
KittenVampire KittenVampire Sep 04, 2016
Okay, so first of all, my nickname is Light because my real name is Kira. Secondly, my eyes are silver too
doctorfan42 doctorfan42 Mar 01, 2017
lol yeah light buddy pal chum friend........................your wayyyyy late like 8+ years late.  bulling and parental abuse? ya dude your late. sorry pal................
PhoenixTheMighty PhoenixTheMighty Apr 11, 2016
*is in the corner, rocking back and forth with a knife, went insane because of fan girling and will kill anyone that comes near me*