Chantage • Book 1 of The French Lessons Series #MLWattyAwards

Chantage • Book 1 of The French Lessons Series #MLWattyAwards

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Chantage is French for Blackmail. 

Book ||1|| of the French Lessons Series.

This isn't the regular story between Chat Noir and Ladybug. Akumas never existed in this fictional story, and Hawkmoth doesn't ethier. 

But their Miraculous' still live on. 

Now, you would think that with no Akuma and no villains that were evilized to fight, that means that Adrien and Marinette just keep Tikki and Plagg around as pets, right?


You see, Chat Noir is the most wanted, most sneaky, and most flirtatious villain in Paris, France. He is a thief, a vandalizer, and is always masked. No one knew who the real Chat Noir was. 

Not one person. Not even Ladybug, the hero of Paris, trying to arrest the flirtatious wanted teenager. Every night, Ladybug, or the unknown Marinette, chases Chat Noir around the city trying to catch him. She absolutely hates him. But he on the other hand absolutely loves Ladybug. 

Even while she was attacking or trying to dodge Chat's attacks, he still found a way to some how try to make her join his side. That is, until Chat found out Ladybug's little secret, and can only use his blackmail to force Ladybug to make a decision. 

Which will she choose?

Book ||2|| ~ Monstré
Book ||3|| ~ Verrouillé

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Kakarot_Cat Kakarot_Cat Jul 15
Ha ha well the reveal may be a bit unexpected but I'm sure you will still love him
michmartins michmartins 3 days ago
And here I am, reading The French Lessons all over again just because I can
                              ~btw I started loving mashups because of the one you put in this book, cake with don't
oml for a second I thought this was tumblr and tried double tapping the picture
Koppawk Koppawk Jun 27
I love that Marinette is having a hard time holding it together with Chat Noir when he's right there and all she wants to do while he's flirting with her is kick his a**. lol
At first I thought you said Starbucks lover... 
                              Crazy me 😜😜😜😊
BLCKChat BLCKChat Aug 28
SAME. I'm confused, would-be-pissed-if-I-was-her-and-he-randomly-stole-a-kiss-from-me bUtT I'm alsSO FREAKLSJDXJING OUT [let's out fangirlish scrquealm]