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The Markiplier Diaries (Markiplier Smut x Reader)

The Markiplier Diaries (Markiplier Smut x Reader)

37.7K Reads 906 Votes 9 Part Story
Haniplier ♥ By MarkyMarkxo Updated Feb 13

A bunch of sexy stories involving Markiplier.
CAUTION: This story contains explicit content.

lilli456 lilli456 May 20, 2016
Hey! That line is from Fifty Shades Of Grey, and I know because of a YouTube video where they had to read a passage from it
Omg... I blushed in real life when he said he hear the moans, than started mimicking them
_Horse_Face_ _Horse_Face_ Jul 26, 2016
I have officially made a fool out of myself... stupid me for moaning and saying Mark's name
When mark is sassy:
                              0 3 0
                              """".        """"
                                   l        l
                                   l.       l
                                  J.       L
TS_Starliana TS_Starliana Jun 07, 2016
You mean to tell me that my character is right now illegal age for sex
AmyCiennaProductions AmyCiennaProductions May 26, 2016
Hiiii just felt like it was time to tell you guys... My real name isn't Amara... Is Kat :( I use a fake name to ya'know protect me or whatever