Red of the Moon(Sequel to Crimson Revenge)

Red of the Moon(Sequel to Crimson Revenge)

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Stephanie Las By stephanielas Completed

Hey! It's me. Crimson. Daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita-1. Anyway, it's been awhile. Five years to be exact.

Me? I've been good. I've gotten pretty close to Jazz, Bumblebee, and the other bots. Especially my parents. I'm calling Optimus Oppi and Elita Creator now. It actually makes em pretty happy. 

Anyways, Sam and Mika broke up! Yeah! Now he's dating this ditsy chick named Carly. She's so annoying.

Mika and I are still talk but she's at college so I hardly see her anymore. Me? I'm living in my own place now. I visit the base a lot though. I even have a pass and everything. Cool right?

That's what I though too. Everything was all good and shit, until something tried to kill me. A small Decepticon. Shit is going down, AGAIN! Primus help us all, because I have a feeling that whatever is coming, is going to be worse then both Mission City and Egypt combined...

Disclaimer-I own my Oc's and the plot I add in on things that happened in between the movies. Nothing else!

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