Silent Assassin

Silent Assassin

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Jasmin Piper By HyperPiper247 Updated May 11, 2018

She rose her dainty eyebrows in surprise at my answer, her small lips slightly opening in shock.

"I never took you for one who fails an assignment, Void." She pursed her tongue.

My blank eyes stared at hers as I bit back my answer.

She sighed at my silence. "You do know what we do to those who fails an assignment, right?"

My mind went to the tortured screams I heard from the basement. Beckett must have seen the tiniest widening of my eyes because she smiled knowingly at me. 

"I may look strict... but since this is your first, I'll overlook it for now. But, may I remind you, that if you fail one more mission, you'll receive worst than those people. " Her eyes hardened at my blank stare. "Are we clear?"



Meet the killer. 

Though she has a real name, she is more known as 'Void' because of her blank face and especially eyes. But her blank face has a story behind them-- A past that has left her broken and alone.

This past made her perfect for killing innocent people with no remorse. 

Watch out. She may already be behind you.