I Love My Bully? 2 (studxstud) Completed!

I Love My Bully? 2 (studxstud) Completed!

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「Nezzy」- ॐ By omoovoxo Completed

I Love My Bully? 2 ❤
    Sequel to I Love My Bully?

    17 year old, Jalisa from the average middle class, and the ultimate wealthy ruling studs, of F4 are back! And, are more hectic than ever!

    Picking up from where Shawn catches Jalisa red handed in the arms of her best friend Shay right after a heated argument between her and Jalisa.

    Will this new year of 2016, spiral yet to another year of torture for not only Jalisa, but Shay as well? And, what will become of Jalisa and Shawn's relationship?

    Hop on this emotional roller coaster through this crazy love story.

XxImKindOfABigDealxX XxImKindOfABigDealxX Oct 24, 2016
Yhu can take these muh fuckin hands on a date tf? Yhu had a bihh. Don't be tryna make my relationship seem fake and unreal. (Team everybody tho😭) Hell I'm tired of this snakey shii. Yhu ain't no gah damn Slitherin from Harry Potter!
lay10till lay10till Nov 07, 2016
Tf rt after u ruined they're relationship u wanna go out wit ha bruh I swear I'm getting pissed off
When you got anger issues but don't wanna go to a therapist so you handle it yourself
AlexciaPugh AlexciaPugh Nov 25, 2016
I mean Shay was there first so I guess she in a sense trying to claim what's hers. By Jalisa can't play with people like that but I understand she's confused
SunnySunpai SunnySunpai Nov 13, 2016
Im like officially done with this book but its so good. I have to continue reading.
NiaMassena NiaMassena Dec 29, 2016
Damnnnnnn now it's gon be Shawn left. Breezy gonna leave too dawg