Bad Boy Xavier

Bad Boy Xavier

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"He's staring at you," my sister whispered, wide-eyed.

Now that I realised, I felt someone's eyes burning at the back of my head and as I turned around to see what my sister was talking about, my jaw dropping and a cold shiver running up my spine at the sight of the dangerous school's certified bad boy.

I shrugged nervously and turned around to face my sister. "Maybe he's just looking at what I'm wearing."

The outfit was pretty cute, hands down.

"But he never stares at anyone. He has only given them a cold stare that lasts for at least two-seconds."

Oh hell no.


The sequel for Bad Boy Xavier has been posted (Saving Kiki) !

When your girlfriend sticks up for your reputation wtf 😂😂😂
"Don't knopw what you're talking about".Pshh,what a pile of hot,steamy bull
PapiChubi PapiChubi Aug 26
I think im seeing wrong, I see dylan obrien my husband. He doesn't know tho 😉
onedestiny_ onedestiny_ Sep 03
Everytime I hear his name, i just feel weird cause I kinda know him irl , well my uncle does lmfao 😂
Holy shìt... yea just dating one of the baddest, most dangerous boys... no biggie
dolanssos dolanssos Aug 31
when ever i hear the word daddy:
                              she has a fetish
                              daddy kink
                              something sexual 
                              i- 😂😭