Bad Boy Xavier

Bad Boy Xavier

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"He's staring at you," my sister whispered, wide-eyed.

Now that I realised, I could feel someone's eyes burning the back of my head and as I turned around to see what my sister was talking about and my jaw immediately dropped whilst a cold shiver ran up my spine at the sight of the school's dangerous, certified bad boy.

I shrugged nervously and turned around to face my sister. "Maybe he's just looking at what I'm wearing."

The outfit was pretty cute, hands down.

"But he never stares at anyone. He has only given them a cold stare that lasts for at least two-seconds."

Oh hell no.

ktbozz ktbozz Jul 06
Um why is the lines repeated?! Is it just me??? This wasn't here when I first read this book
i love this book and i think this is the fifth time i am reading this
Brightly_Dark_Eyed Brightly_Dark_Eyed Sep 08, 2016
When your girlfriend sticks up for your reputation wtf 😂😂😂
-camera -camera Jan 03
Bruh I've been pronounce it wrong all my life xD Há-vi-er I'm so jacked up
Local-Skittle Local-Skittle Dec 31, 2016
Im not a hater of the goddess but Imma imagine Lucy Hale ^-^
hopeless_summer hopeless_summer Dec 28, 2016
Anastasia sounds like such a bitchy name...mostly because of Cinderellas stepsister(no offense to anybody with that name)...and I get it just because I said 'no offense' doesn't make it any less offensive